Our specialized equipment for technical large animal rescue includes:

Our truck, trailer and Gator are the basis for our equpment. The trailer carries all our needs, as well as allowing us to transport an injured animal if needed. The Gator allows response in remote areas.

The rescue glide is used to securely move an animal that cannot stand. The slide is placed on the trailer ramp to allow the glide to move easily into the trailer.

We use hobbles to allow us to draw the legs in to place the animal on the glide. The animal is secured to the glide with straps. Ropes allow us to control the movement of the slide when loading it onto the trailer.

The Becker sling which allows us to safely lift a large animal. Thanks to all of our supporters on Facebook, we raised the funds to allow this purchase.

Additional equipment includes buckets, sponges and scrapers for cooling overheated horses, coolers and blankets, and first aid equipment.