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Thank you Maryland Steeplechase Association and Sam Robinson for a successful silent auction! We greatly appreciate your dedication to Equine Rescue Ambulance.


Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training

April 4, 2020 8:30-4

Baltimore County Agricultural Center

For more information or to register https://horseambulancemd.com/large-animal-emergency-rescue-training/


Equine Rescue Ambulance, Inc. (ERA) provides emergency rescue, stabilization, and transportation services for downed and injured equine athletes. ERA is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that provides a humane and dignified approach to equine rescue in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Our volunteers receive extensive training in technical large animal emergency rescue.

What is technical large animal emergency rescue (TLAER)? From the TLAER website,
“TLAER is defined as the practical considerations, behavioral understanding, specialty equipment, techniques, methodologies and tactics to perform safe extrication of a live large animal from entrapments (trailer wrecks, ditches, mud, barn fires) in local emergencies and disaster areas. “

Recognizing a need for emergency rescue and stabilization in the event of injury or disaster throughout the entire equine and large animal community, ERA is committed to expanding training and education. Our goal is to develop and participate in a coordinated network of technical large animal emergency responders for the state of Maryland.