Equine Rescue Ambulance Fair Hill

JoAnn Bashore, a Fair Hill Park Ranger, held two trainings a year for the public and first responders to learn safer ways of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue,  Several members of the Equine Rescue Ambulance attended those trainings and even helped by bringing their Equine Ambulance to the trainings.
After JoAnn retired from the Park Service in 2017, the public still called on her to assist with equine emergencies because of her extensive training and knowledge in dealing with countless rescues in the past.  Local 911 response for equine emergencies was lacking in Cecil County.  After a three hour wait to be allowed rescue equipment owned by the State of Maryland for an injured equine in September of 2019, the need for a better system was discussed with Evelyn Hickman, President of the Equine Rescue Ambulance, 
With support of several equestrians and first responders in the county on November 1, 2019 saw the start of Equine Rescue Ambulance, Fair Hill Division.  Within 36 hours, the first call was received for a Percheron mare that was down.  Three team members responded and the mare was standing in one half hour by utilizing methods learned in past trainings. Two more calls were received  in the next week and team responded with positive outcome for both.
A rescue glide was donated by a local farm owner and donations poured in from the local equestrian community.  A used horse trailer was purchased in December 2019.  There currently are 20 team members trained in emergency technical rescue